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A seasonal curriculum is a great way to explore a diverse range of topics and ideas. Families can learn a lot together by connecting their interests with their immediate surroundings.

Examples of fall themes to inspire play and learning:

  • Autumn/Fall
  • Trees/Leaves
  • Farm/Seeds
  • Orchard/Apples

Ask yourself: What is most interesting about this time of year? Are we going to cook, explore nature, or visit farms? Which seasonal rituals will be introduced?

Educational Activities for September

Which of the following appeals most to your family? Choose a few to celebrate autumn together.

  • Taste different kinds of apples, draw them, and discuss or write about how they taste. Try them with different dips.
  • Bake something with apples or make applesauce.
  • Dry out squash or pumpkin seeds to use as a math manipulative or craft item
  • Go on a leaf walk and collect leaves in a small basket or bucket. Then take the leaves home and create a collage or nature book.
  • Visit a farm with a petting zoo.

  • Cook s’mores over a campfire
  • Jump in a pile of leaves
  • Visit a corn maze
  • Visit an orchard to buy and/or pick apples and try some cider
  • Go on a hayride

  • Apple Dissection
  • Sensory play with long curly apple peels
  • Read Ten Apples Up On Top and make an Apple Print Number Line
  • Look for more apple and harvest themed books
  • Chant “Apple Tree” fingerplay
  • Listen to and/or sing “Apples and Bananas”
  • Play First Orchard game
  • Play Hi Ho Cherry Oh
  • Glue red, green, and yellow pom poms or apple cutouts on a tree
  • Apple Prints
  • Read/Watch/Play Very Hungry Caterpillar and visit with him at the library
  • Use fine motor skills to make an apple hedgehog
  • Visit the Bloomington Community Orchard. During the annual Fest you can taste freshly pressed cider and watch the apples being turned into juice with a manual apple press. The orchard is open to the public anytime for walking the grounds, looking at trees and herbs, and picking fruit. There is also a playground nearby as well as weekly educational Work And Learn Days for all ages.

Additional themes for September

  • For Classical Music Month, listen to some classical music together, practice an instrument, watch Little Einsteins, or see a live performance.
  • For Labor Day, discuss different types of careers and jobs. Make thank you cards or bring gifts to important people in the local community.
  • For Grandparent’s Day, plan a special outing or project to bridge the generations.

Local farms, orchards, and markets:

Happy Exploring!

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